Single "On The Floor" now on iTunes

I’m pleased to announce that the latest single from Jack Kennesaw is now available via iTunes. This single is a collaboration between Blake Weatherby (guitars, vocals, and keys), Joel Thomas (bass guitar) and myself (drums, keys, vocals, weird loops, engineering and production).

We put this track together using some very cool production techniques. Blake wrote the song over a few weeks time and then produced a rough demo at his house. We then brought this into my studio and worked on a final arrangement and tempo. We worked on the drum track and some keys and then Blake took it back to his home studio to work on guitars and vocals. He had Joel come over and record the bass track, then brought it back over to my studio (on a flash drive!) so we could finish up percussion, overdubs and a final mix. I mastered the track and we all took time to listen critically over the next week or so. Blake and I worked on the cover design in Illustrator and made a master file that we could use for all distribution. Finally, we made some mix tweaks and re-mastered the track and sent it off to TuneCore for publication to the iTunes store. All in all, it was a refreshing experience and one that I hope to repeat soon.

Enjoy Jack Kennesaw – On The Floor on iTunes today.

[UPDATE] Apple has removed the link to the songs, so here’s the SoundCloud link:



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