Bon Vivant Salon website

I had the pleasure of working with a few awesome people over the last few months. Chad and Maureen Boling, owners of Bon Vivant Salon, approached me to re-design their website. They had a single page for their website that was really just a calling card. They knew that in order to be competitive they had to step it up and part of that is having a great website. We met a few times and discussed the look and feel of their website until we all had a really good idea of what to communicate. I believe that we have created a very nice, modern-clean website that conveys the philosophy of their salon – “Hair design as original as you”.

We’ve received some great feedback from clients and from other salons. One of the greatest parts of the website is that it is scalable and is visible on any browser – even the iPhone. Check out and give them a call if you’d like to get a great haircut from Chad, Maureen or any of their super talented stylists. Tell them that I sent you!


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