New CD "Unhero" on iTunes!

Click to go to album on iTunesWell, it started off as a project that was supposed to take a month from start to finish, but it ended up being about 8 months in the making. I believe that each and every day that we worked on it was totally worth it! We had some killer creative time in the studio from the laying of the scratch tracks to the final overdubs. Also, I had a chance to work with someone that I’ve been wanting to record with for some time. Scott King was gracious to let me cut the drum tracks at his studio. I setup in the morning and by nightfall we had 11 awesome completed tracks recorded. Sweet efficiency. We came back to my studio with a new sense that this project was going to be great.

Blake really stepped up to the plate with his song-writing and his guitar playing. I believe that the vocals are where this project really shines. If authentic, believable vocals are your thing, Blake has certainly delivered. Within each track you can hear the struggle and victory that each song tells. Blake is a real trooper when it comes to working on his craft, and I can’t wait to hear what the future holds.

Check out Jack Kennesaw – Unhero on iTunes.

[UPDATE] Apple has removed the CD from iTunes. Here’s the SoundCloud share:



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